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Building sustainable protection from Cyber Security
threats involves many complex decisions.
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Minding your Business

With 2022 being the worst year for cyber attacks, Mondas is here to protect your business against ever increasing cyber threats.

We have a proven track record of helping companies to minimise cyber risk, protect privacy and ensure compliance so you can focus on what you do best.

Managed Security Services

Our range of managed security services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your business and enhance your cyber security capability.

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Managed SOC

A managed SOC has fast become an essential part of an organisations Cyber security strategy, reducing the level of exposure of IT systems.

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Red Teaming and Penetration Testing

We reduce your threat exposure by determining potential security weaknesses and designing remediation plans to mitigate the impact.

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Consultancy Services

Our team of cyber security consultants are on hand to advise and guide you through your cyber improvement initiatives.

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Working together

Cyber security is a team sport and everyone’s responsibility. Accordingly we expect to work with multiple parties. Key to success is effectively identifying stakeholders, vendors and third parties and agreeing clear roles and responsibilities (RACI), process touch points, response targets, escalation routes and communication plans.

We are very happy working with all stakeholders as part of an incident resolution plan. We understand this can be tricky, especially where there are multiple stakeholders responsible for the same data stores but assuming the RACI has been compiled correctly and kept updated then this should not cause any hold ups in the process.

Download our brochure

Take a look through our free brochure to understand how Mondas can help you reach your Cyber Security goals.

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Trusted to deliver cyber security solutions

Our Approach

We like to keep things simple and flexible. We know that every customer is different and every industry has unique challenges.

Brilliant Basics

Getting strong security fundamentals in place is a game changer and can quickly and cost effectively manage 80% of your company’s cyber risks.

Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every business is different and so we focus on empowering your people, simplifying your processes and tuning your technologies.

Risk Based

Do more with less by first understanding what assets are at risk in your business and then building solutions that effectively protect and can demonstrate that you take reasonable precautions.

Great Service and Pricing

We don’t compromise. We provide an incredible cost-effective service in every engagement with flexible contract terms.

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Mondas has proved to be an invaluable cybersecurity service provider to Chakray over the past 12 months. As an SME in the IT integration sector we process a lot of customer data so their simple but scalable cost effective SECaaS model is ideal to keep everything secure.

Jamie Carter
Head of Service Delivery, Chakray