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Managed Services

Your security partner for a complete range of fully managed cyber security services.

Our Approach

Our mission is simple: to provide the same advanced threat protection that large corporations have been benefiting from for years, but at a price point that opens up the market to a much larger audience.

By combining market-leading automated detection tools that leverage the latest in AI technology with expertise in threat detection, containment and recovery we have created a range of services that do exactly that.

Faint pattern of locks, 1s and 0s on top of hexagons
Faint pattern of locks, 1s and 0s on top of hexagons

Managed Services

Our team of highly skilled professionals provide a range of managed services designed to complement and enhance your existing cyber security capability.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

We offer world class 24×7 endpoint protection that proactively adapts and searches for security threats in your organisation.

Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Our team of experienced cybersecurity SOC analysts provide a 24×7 service that will monitor and analyse all of your organisation’s important IT, OT and IoT log data for malicious activity.

Cloud Security

Our certified cloud security experts help secure your environments across all hybrid and private cloud environments so you can run your business with greater agility and confidence.

API Security

With cyber attacks targeting vulnerable API’s on the increase, let our team of API security experts monitor, test and protect your SOAP and RESTful services and work with your developers to implement best practices for development and incorporate API security testing into your CI/CD pipeline.

Phishing protection

Over 90% of cyber security breaches begin with phishing attacks. Our anti-phishing managed service provides regular training and simulation exercises to your entire company as well as investigation and remediation in the event of a breach.

Vulnerability Management

Using AI-driven PCI/DSS compliant technology, our vulnerability management team regularly scans and monitors your entire environment for potential security weaknesses that could be exploited.

Dark Web Monitoring

Mondas utilises AI, Machine Learning and human interactions to automatically monitor the Deep and Dark Web and provide alerts if your corporate identity, employee, user or customer credentials are flagged against breached datasets of personal information, passwords and credentials.

Managed Firewalls

Our Managed Firewall team proactively monitors your firewalls 24x7x365 to ensure their health and configuration are kept up to date and any alerts are investigated and escalated quickly to your internal teams.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Our CaaS team will help you meet compliance for a wide range of regulatory and security standards. We can provide the roles of Data Protection Officer, virtual CISO, Risk Manager and System Manager and help you attain or remain compliant in areas like Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, PCI/DSS and GDPR / Data Protection Act.

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Following extensive market research we have selected some of the best cyber security products on the market to partner with.

Depending on budget we can provide an all-in-one solution, or build a best-of-breed package utilising the advanced solutions below and managed in a single view via USM Anywhere.

AT&T USM Anywhere

Market-leading SIEM and eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) Platform


The World’s First Autonomous Breach Protection Platform

Sentinel One

Autonomous AI Endpoint Security


Antivirus and device control

42 Crunch

Enterprise level security for your API’s and Integrations


Complete remote vulnerability scanning


Premium protection of account takeover


Cloud hosting platform with advanced security features


Autonomous AI Endpoint Microsoft’s cloud hosting platform with advanced security intelligence


Next generation firewall protection


OTX is the largest Threat Intelligence platform in the world

Cisco Umbrella

DNS-Layer security and device protection with USB security

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Take a look through our free brochure to understand how Mondas can help you reach your Cyber Security goals.

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Organised Success

Successful service engagements depend as much upon the effective working relationship between provider and client as they do on the quality of the proposed solution. After all, no outcomes will be achieved unless the execution is successful.

That means how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver.

How we work

In order to provide a world class service at an affordable price we utilise a blended-shore model for service delivery.

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Client satisfaction isn’t just important to us, it is the only metric we use to measure the success of our business. We know that every client is unique which is why we can tailor every element of our service to seamlessly integrate with your business.

  • The goals and needs of our clients are at the center of all decision making.
  • We like to understand every client’s business so we can provide the best possible service.
  • We strive to over-deliver on our promises in order to exceed our clients expectations.
  • Our aim is to be seen not just as a security service provider, but a trusted security partner.

Service Delivery Manager

We know communication is key to providing an excellent service and building up long term partnerships. This is why all clients are assigned a dedicated service delivery manager who will stay with them for the duration of the contract.

  • Acts as the single point of contact for the client for anything related to the service.
  • Attends regular onsite client service review meetings against agreed SLAs.
  • Has full autonomy to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Stays with the client for the duration of the contract.

Client Success Team

We understand that good communication is essential in providing a great customer experience which is why our customer success team members are all based in the UK and provide all of the core client facing roles either onsite or remotely.

  • Provides onsite support during important project phases like implementation, service improvement and knowledge transfer.
  • Assesses and proposes service improvement plans based on market trends.
  • Identifies issues and offers solutions appropriate to clients’ agenda.
  • Delivers successful outcomes and builds trusted relationships.

SOC Manager

As well as being responsible for the day to day running of the SOC office, our SOC Manager also acts as the highest escalation point for incident response and also works closely with the Red Team and Penetration Testers to ensure our clients systems are kept secure.

  • Acts as the single point of contact between the Customer Success Team and the SOC team.
  • Provides the Customer Success Team with suggestions for technical service improvements.
  • Responsible for implementing new service requests.
  • Produces detailed service reports on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.

Security Operations Center

Our 24/7/365 Cyber Security Operations Center is based in Farnborough, Hampshire. We recruit and develop the brightest talent in the local area and we can provide rapid on-site response to our clients in London and the South East as well as M3 and M4 corridors.

  • Provides all managed services to the highest standard 24x7x365.
  • Ensures all technology is continually updated with the latest threat intelligence and configuration standards.
  • Defines high quality capability standards.
  • Data is processed and stored on secure AWS servers and does not leave the United Kingdom, or our clients’ region of choice, at any time.

Continual Service Improvement

We follow the ITIL methodology for continual service improvement which we implement in a way that gives the best outcomes for our clients while minimising the impact on their business processes.

  • Regular service reviews provide an opportunity to listen to client feedback and suggest potential improvements.
  • The client success team defines the strategy for improvement and identifies success metrics.
  • The SOC Manager gathers, processes and reviews the data and provides analysis to the Service Delivery Manager.
  • The Service Delivery Manager reports this analysis at the next service review meetings and all agreed improvements are implemented.

Book your FREE demo

Book in a technical demo with one of our experts to understand how our cyber tools can help you tighten your security controls.